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We are the experts in numerology.

After gaining appreciation and recommendation from multiple prestigious institutes, we are launching own services to help you.

Are you tired of consulting different fortune-tellers and still stuck directionless in life? Are you searching the unmatched Vastu for business?

At Intuitive World who help to sort out problems and untangle the mess in every outlook of life – commercial, residential, educational, mental and spiritual.


Vastu for Home

Vastu related services and consultation for Home 

Vastu for Business

Vastu related services and consultation for your business

Vastu for Marriage

Vastu consultation for a happily married life

Vastu for Health

Health is Wealth and our tips will help you in nourishing

Vastu for Wealth

Vastu consultation and advisory for finance

Vastu for Education

Vastu consultation and tips for achieving high success in studies

Keyuuri’s work is a combination of careful analysis and intuitive solutions. These solutions help in aligning and re-distributing the energy in your home and office and helps you in achieving your targets.

The expert

Keyuure Shaarmaa

The brain behind Intuitive World


Keyuure Shaarrmaa is the game-changer in the territory of Vastu. She has been practising the art of Clairvoyance for past few years and has been awarded by several prestigious institutions for her extraordinary work. She provides the best of both worlds — numerology and Vastu applied together can be even more prudent. After hundreds of accurate reading and offering unparalleled Vastu tips for home, she is the most famous Clairvoyant Indians have come across. From deciding the perfect job to solving the delays in marriage, she is blessed with the ability to see beyond the senses and connect with the core of physical being.


Utilisation of natural energies and maintaining the equilibrium of the forces of nature are the secrets behind the peace and affluence in life. For this, Keyuure Shaarmaa is technologically updated and inherently capable. Featuring charismatic aura, she boasts calm demeanour, exceptional skills, vibrant zest, and the calibre to answer the most intricate questions. She never hesitates to speak the truth and is clear in her responses. Admirers of her individual-centric attention and products vouch for her potential to decipher the future. In nutshell, the magnitude of people helped and prospered by her is the validation of her sensational ability.

Why Choose Us?


  • To make an informed decision about your future aligning with your dreams.
  • To get affordable and accurate Vastu for home, business, health, wealth, education and marriage
  • To have a complete understanding of your career, health, finances, and family.
  • To get a sense of clarity and purpose in life.
  • To find confidence and self-esteem.
  • To improve productivity and minimise chaos.
Keyuure Sharrma

Keyuure Sharrma


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