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Robert Clohessy A reference to a conversation between Luke and Ben earlier in the movie in which Luke says "Not since Hall & Oates has there been a better team!"


As the movie wears on, you start to notice Mr. Cianfrance’s overreliance on certain shots (like the long, behind-the-head follow) and the insistent, stabbing squall of Mike Patton’s otherwise effective score. That's a shame because it's got great acting through and through, though I have grown weary of Gosling's taciturn antihero routine that seems like a rut now.

Avery's portion of the plot was the most interesting and anxiety-inducing, but I found the movie interesting at every turn.

Whitney Hudson Cette dernière lui a déjà trouvé un père de substitution en la personne de Kofi, mais Luke, qui veut absolument tenir son rôle de père, décide d'utiliser ses aptitudes à moto pour braquer des banques avec son ami Robin et ainsi subvenir aux besoins de la famille. 2:08 It was completely improvised, and « The Place Beyond the Pines » repose sur deux acteurs franchement excellents, Ryan Gosling comme on s’y attendait forcément mais aussi Bradley Cooper vraiment étonnant !

Director Derek Cianfrance has jokingly taken credit for stars Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes becoming a couple during filming as they played a former couple on screen.

Cross intervenes to help him escape just as Valjean does for Marius.

Kingdom The Boys After four takes of Gosling unsuccessfully attempting to get the bag of money to Mendes, Gosling stepped in front of the car and put his head by the wheel. 2:58 Eva Mendez, Ray Liotta, Harris Yulin, and Bruce Greenwood have a shared the screen with Denzel Washington. It’s a small town of beat-up houses and late-night diners whose citizens dwell under film-noir shadows of violence and corruption.The second section of “The Place Beyond the Pines” is about another man, a police officer named Avery (Bradley Cooper), who is also the father of a baby boy. April 11, 2013 Like Jean Valjean, Luke is a career criminal who comes to the attention of a police officer (Cross/Javert). Community. The trivia items below may give away important plot points. Sarah Curcio

Thomas Mattice Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. | Mahershala Ali Paul Steele Anthony Angelo Pizza, Jr. Overstays its welcome with muddled plotting and an unclear ending. You're almost there! This links back to his mother telling Luke (Ryan Gosling) how she would chew apples for him when he was a baby. Ryan Gosling suggested his longtime friend and future girlfriend Eva Mendes for the role of Romina Gutierrez. Seule ombre au tableau, A.J.

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