why is my att for nclex taking so long

It must be maddening to have to wait when you are READY to jump on this! Received my ATT on April 6, 2013. Its like a constant knot in my chest while anticipating the NCLEX. I also sent it via certified mail so I knew that they had received it. On the other hand at least I have more time to study. NCLEX 2020. Since 1997, allnurses is trusted by nurses around the globe. After 24 hours I was on continental testing and pearson vue site every 15mins checking and hoping to see the result.The earliest opening for testing was late June, I scheduled my NCLEX-Download allnurses.com Official NCLEX Study Guide!Our school (in GA) had us apply for the GA BON, apply for NCLEX, pay all fees, do fingerprinting, background check, everything in early April. Wow your done with the NCSBN nclex, that's good.

That totally sucks.

i paid last week thursday.. june 8 and i got it yesterday june 12 06.. that was pretty fast..i guess my school did wat they had to do!Wow, I'm worried about not having all of my stuff done for my job starting in August. Graduated 5/15, school sent transcripts 5/22, I registered with Pearson 5/24 and got my ATT 6/4. I'm furious.I graduated a few weeks ago and sent in my applications a few days after graduation (to MA state board and Pearson Vue). Specializes in Neuro ICU, Neuro/Trauma stepdown.

I just get blown off so I don't want to irritated them. Specializes in Orthopedics/Med-Surg, LDRP. Specializes in PCU/TELE. marinesgirl. I test 6/28 but I had to go outside my nearest center to get a date.NCLEX Question Leveling: What You Need to KnowI got my ATT about 2 weeks ago and the first available date I could get in the center in Princeton was July 13th. I'm in CA and it took about 2.5 months after the school sent in paperwork.

Also I applied for a temp license from my state, because I need it in order to start my job June 12th. im from ny and thats the case.

They seemed to be giving them out in bunches.

How long does it take to get an authorization to test?

Last summer when I took

I was wondering too.

Our mission is to Empower, Unite, and Advance every nurse, student, and educator. However, I decided to take a two day break from the past two weeks of die hard studying. Some hadn't done all the required things beforehand and that held them up but some had and still didn't get their ATT as quickly as I did.

Finally I found a post about calling Continental testing, so I called them and in minutes my ATT arrived on 05/30/14.Thank you for all your posts. I'm supposed to start my job July 10, but it looks like I will be late. I had been waiting quite some time (we were told if we didn't get the ATT within X days or whatever it was to call). They told me that the BVNPT had not given them approval for me to …

To gain access to the NCLEX, you will be required to present one form of acceptable identification.

I did it yesterday.Download allnurses.com Official NCLEX Study Guide!Thanks for asking this. All in all it cost me about $10.00 to do this but it took less than a week for me to get my temporary GN license. Passed at 60q, my advice for studyingFor my LPN ATT, I know it was almost instantly from when the State BON gave the 'ok' for us to test that Pearson Vue issued the ATT (via email). My license number showed up on June 13th,I'm in Indiana and my timeline was as follows:5/20 - school submitted papers to PearsonVueEmail ATT received: May 17th (same day as graduation)After exam it was so stressful, don't know if I passed or failed as my computer shut off at 110.By the time I received my ATT, July was the first date I could register for ***take note, be SURE to provide an email address on the paperwork/online app for Pearson Vue so that they email your ATT to you,, if you don't they will send it regular mail and that will delay you in getting your ATT.Thanks! Our members represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties.

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