1. What is Intuitive World?

Intuitive World is a team of experienced members who provide reliable services in Vastu Shastra and Numerology. Vastu is the science of architecture. It is the set of principles that guide the construction, layout, geometry, space measurement and interior design of houses, offices, banks, hotels and even whole cities. 

2. Why one should refer to the Vastu?

The universe is made of five elements -Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space, and their energies. The surrounding you live in has an impact on your life. Vastu works to maintain the balance of the elements and enhance the positive energy by eliminating the negative energy from home. A building made according to Vastu principles brings occupants happiness and good health. It helps them to think clearly, enjoy financial prosperity, have career stability and unfold full potential. 

3. Is Vastu Shastra applicable only in India?

No. Vastu Shastra is applicable all over the world and all Vastu rules remain the same.

4. What Vastu Shastra services we provide?

Intuitive World provides comprehensive Vastu Shastra consultancy on residential, commercial, educational, relationship, financial and spiritual projects. 

5. Do we provide Vastu services only?

No, our Vastu is combined with the Numerology, which makes our service more beneficial. 

6. How do we provide Vastu Shastra tips?

Our Vastu Shastra experts have gained knowledge for years and are certified from prestigious institutes. With their skills and expertise, they study the entire detail of the home/ building and provide practical solutions like change in direction of furniture, use of plants, change in wall colours and more, that won’t require you to demolish or make structural changes. We do not generalise the cases but bring unique and individualised tips as per the home and its owner. 

7. Can Vaastu be applied to the rented property?

Yes, Vastu is simple to adopt and can be applied for both owned and rented property. 

8. When is it a good time to have a Vastu consultation?

Preferably, we should have a Vastu consultation done when planning a house. In most cases, this is not possible, and people generally think of Vastu when choosing an existing house, apartment or office or designing its interior. Besides that, Vastu can help you overcome difficulties — when you are faced with problems at home or work, delay in marriage, unsatisfied career, and constant illness. 

9. Is Vastu religion-specific?

No, Vastu Shastra is not connected with religion and affects people irrespective of religion, caste, creed or colour.

10. My marriage is getting delayed. Can it be a Vastu defect?

Yes, there’re Vastu defects that lead to delay in marriage. Follow this link for better understanding: https://intuitiveworld.in/services/ 

11. In how many days can we expect results from Intuitive World?

When you have adopted 100% guidance and the elements have balanced in your environment, you will start noticing the abundant opportunities in life and overall improvement in well-being. You shall notice some positive changes right away, while others may take months.

12. How is Intuitive World different in comparison to other Vastu services?

Intuitive World offers personalised and effective Vastu Shastra tips. Our chief, Keyuure Shaarmaa is known for her sensible responses and the calibre to deal with the most intricate questions. We believe the road to lead a happy life is unique for each individual. Accordingly, we have helped hundreds of our clients live with prosperity through our simple yet successful measures. 

12. How do I avail Vastu services at Intuitive World? How do you carry out the Vastu process or consultation?

You can reach us either online or offline:


Our clients speak to us about their problems and fix their appointments. Now, this Vastu consultation can be in any of the three places. 

  • On-site consultation where I meet them at their given address, on the decided time and date.
  • One to one consultation, which is a personal meet to understand the depth of issue without any interference
  • Email consultation, which is the simplest and quickest way to explore our guidance. 

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